Marshmallow Shooters by J & K Enterprises is a family-owned and operated business located in Torrance, CA. We have a complete design-work shop and painting facilty on-site.  Additionally, as our overhead is considerably lower, we have been able to maintain the same selling price for over 14 years at only $5.00 each.

Since opening our business in July of 1998, other companies have tried to offer a similar product and service, but our product and service comes with a personal touch. 

We have a lot of fun here.  Our Marshmallow Shooters are Safe, Sane and Silly.  

Our Marshmallow Shooters come with a mini bag of fresh, soft marshmallows and an unpainted mouthpiece.  You will never have to worry about placing your mouth or your childs mouth on a painted surface.  The mouthpiece can be removed and hand-washed or placed in the dishwasher to be kept sanitized.

The marshmallow is loaded on the top of the shooter.  The loading chamber is covered by the palm of your hand.  Aim the shooter.  Take a deep breath, place your mouth on or over the mouth piece and blow.  The marshmallow will shoot out traveling about 20 to 60 feet depending on your thrust of air.   We even have a modification for our Marshmallow Shooter for a small child having difficulty holding, covering and blowing at the same time that will enable them to shoot with ease.  

While marshmallows are meant to be shot outside, we want everyone to be able to use their Marshmallow Shooters inside too.  So we designed a Foammallow from green nerf foam.  Our Foammallows are the same size and shape of a miniature marshmallow and are used in the house, so you will never have a sticky mess or ants.  

​Our Marshmallow Shooter comes in over 60 colors.  Some have been given names to suit their colors.  We have boy and girl colors and our simple designed Marshmallow Shooters are for anyone from 4 on up.  
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Marshmallow Shooters
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